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Becky helps me let go of fear and embrace who I am today. I consider her a true gift to my soul.
– Cynthia Conte
Artist & Corporate Diva
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Inner Healing Classes ~ Intuitive Workshops

I am available to teach workshops and classes on the intuitive approach to living, mastering change and reaching higher consciousness. Popular venues are shops, special events and private homes. Call 847-830-5254 or email to enquire.

Lighten Up!
It’s time we all stepped into a lifestyle of peace and solitude. There are ways we can utilize our spirit self to help us on our earthly journey. Our sixth sense, intuition, is absolutely vital to understanding who we are and what we are feeling. This is your Divine self; your gift from Holy Spirit. You get messages from it every day. We’ll talk about listening with your heart instead of your head, and also learn to live in the present moment–to make your "now" the best it can be under any circumstances. The "messages," the hits, hunches, butterflies in the stomach and light bulb moments are all part of our master plan, but sometimes we get in our own way. Learn how to step into the spiritual flow and tune in any time you choose.

An Intimate Look at Our Chakras
Most of our problems can be traced to our seven main energy centers, or chakras, a Hindi term meaning “spinning wheel.” Did you know your emotional and physical ailments will show up in your energy field first, before manifesting in the physical state? It’s important to view ourselves not only as a solid, physical body, but as an energy body as well.

This class is a journey through your chakra energy centers. Learn to see yourself vibrationally–and discover your "spiritual anatomy." By focusing on the balance and alignment of the chakras you can better reach your true potential and participate more fully in life. We’ll talk about how chakras work, become aware of their importance through visualization and meditation, and to add chakras to your awareness.

Nurturing Intuition in Children
This is a moms and/or dads class where we explore ways to raise happy, healthy children who know and trust their inner guidance. Along the way, you'll learn how to open your own spiritual awareness so that you can guide your children more effectively. Lively discussion can ensue when we open up to the possibilities that our inner world is full of the wisest of answers.

Guided Meditation with Rebecca
Meditation shouldn’t be a chore! Learn to relax and let go for any amount of time using your breath as your master teacher. On this journey, you’ll learn how beneficial meditation is for your health and well-being, and also learn why you shouldn’t have to focus too much on techniques!

An Unexpected Psychic: How I got here a little late but right on time…
Every life journey is a series of twists and turns, and mine is no exception. After being asked numerous times how I became an Intuitive and Medium, and often wondering myself how this could possibly be happening to me, I am now ready to share my story. I am still me, but the “me” I am supposed to be! It is my wish that hearing my story and asking questions will help you to get to know your Divine self more intimately. Depending on the venue, and if time permits, I will take your personal questions and give you “guided” responses. Please be aware that while we are in a public setting, my guides tell me the information received is valuable for all!

Sonia Choquette
I am available to teach classes on all Sonia Choquette books. These classes require more time and purchase of the book is helpful for the sessions. I can work with your group to make the most of your time frame.

The Psychic Pathway is a practical program for expanding awareness, reconnecting to intuition and discovering a personal pathway to the soul. Countless individuals have benefited from Sonia’s unique ability to write a book that can be used on a daily basis.

In Your Heart’s Desire, Sonia introduces nine universal principles for creating our own reality. Her instructions can be used over and over again. Our lives are often chaotic, and not all of us can say we are living the life we want or working our dream job. Amidst the noise, sometimes we just need to STOP, and this is where this wonderful book and Sonia’s expertise come into play.


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