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Rebecca Hill is a gifted and profound intuitive guide, coach, and spirit healer. You can consult with her in confidence.
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This website will be going away to make room for my updated version - Finishing up the details so be on the lookout. Any questions, email me at

See you soon!

My intuitive readings are deep, insightful exchanges. Together we use our innermost guidance to unlock what you already know on a soul level. A personal intuitive reading is a very healing experience because the "cobwebs" are finally cleared. You begin to explore your life with renewed clarity

Intuition is an amazing, divine gift that is absolutely truthful, always available, and often overlooked in everyday life. All healing is intuitive. In my readings and personal coaching, I meditate and work with my own guidance to help you tap your inner healing energies. The "bumps in the road" you experience now transform from obstacles in your path into guideposts that point the way to deeper learning and a new awakening.

Personal intuitive training helps you develop your own intuitive skills. Over the course of three one-hour coaching sessions, your inner vision becomes a sharply focused crystal lens. The fog lifts and the answers come. With new understanding comes trust, faith, and the sweetness of life.

In numerology, my life path is a “5,” which is the number for change. Not only do I have plenty of change in my own life, I am also a “catalyst of change” for others. As my intuitive sense opened, I had the realization that I am a healer, teacher, and peacemaker.

Reaching out, soul by soul, is how we create a more peaceful life. It is my wish that the melding of my intuitive skills and yours will help you find the answers that have eluded you thus far in your life. My intention is to gently help you use your inner healing and raise your vibration to one of joy.

In Spirit,
Rebecca Hill
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