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Becky is a genuine person with a gift to see into the lives of others. During my first visit she "saw" a situation in my life that had caused me a lot of fear and desperation for years. She saw a resolution and told me so. I was skeptical that these circumstances could ever change but within 2-1/2 weeks they did change.
– JP, Lakemoor
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Special thanks to Sonia Choquette for her loving and oftentimes direct approach to putting me firmly on my path! She knew all along that my ability to teach and heal was there and told me so many times over. Hopefully, I am a reflection of the love and support she gives to all who have crossed her path in classes and readings through the years.

Thanks to my children, Chris and Meg, who have shown their love unconditionally and who are learning to live in peace and care deeply for all of humanity.

Larry, I am grateful for your love and support. You encouraged me to finally step forth and go for it, to live my dream.

To Dugen the dog (March 6, 1992–April 19, 2007), the guardian angel that came into our lives when our small family needed it most: I have always known who you were, and it is with utmost respect and love that I announce it to the world!

To a small group of friends who entrusted me to read for them while on the beautiful island of Kauai, you know who you are! I needed the boost to “come out of hiding” so to speak, and you were the catalyst for me so that I can be the catalyst for others. Thank you so much for being such dear friends.

Most of all, thank you God, the Heavenly Angels and Divine Spirits for helping me to feel the wonder of it all and to know that there really is more to life than meets the eye.

I feel truly blessed to be connecting to so many wonderful souls in this lifetime. Thank you for your support, kindness and sincere referrals.


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